The brewery has been modernized and rebuilt over the past several years, and is now a state-of-the-art brewery and beverage product development and production facility.

Cold Spring is the #1 producer of energy specialty drinks in the country and the #1 producer of exclusive beer and craft beer brands for major retailers in the United States and other companies throughout the world.

This has contributed to growing the economy of central Minnesota through jobs and business partnerships.

The benefit of this cutting edge, highly efficient and modern plant here in Central Minnesota, allows Cold Spring to produce superior quality beer and non-alcoholic beverages at low cost.

All these savings are passed onto the retailer for an incredible price, resulting in a low cost, superior quality beverage for your consumer.


Cold Spring Brewery in Cold Spring is on the original Red River trail. Used by the pioneering trail blazers, trappers and settlers to replenish water supplies from the pure cold spring which the town is named today. The spring is one of the purest sources of water in North America. The spring comes from an underground prehistoric glacial lake filtered through granite over hundreds of years. There are certain pure elements in the water that are absolutely perfect for brewing world class beers.